Roots Stage

On Friday and Saturday, the stage kicks off with alternative and eclectic beats. As dusk approaches and transitions to the early evening, the stage comes alive with vibrant, uplifting beats of deep and pulsating House music. On Sunday, immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of Reggae, Dub, and Afro, spanning from day into the night.

Mandala Dome

Set in the geometric dome, the Mandala Dome features three days of live bands, spanning genres from Tribal, Folk, Live Electronica, Acoustics, Percussion, Funk and everything in-between. The Dome also showcases captivating acts such as spoken word and performers between the live acts.

The Pulse

A Techno journey that echoes the classic Techno sounds with pioneering rhythms. The pulse becomes the canvas for the 130-140 BPM tribal beat, creating an immersive experience that transcends time. The pulse reverberates through the early hours, leaving indelible memories etched for a lifetime. All set within the walls of the Grade II Listed building.


The Nebula Stage is the apex of high-grade bass music, a petri dish of old-school vibes and cutting-edge beats. Renowned and emerging artists collaborate to create an electrifying atmosphere. The Nebula vibrates inside one of the old rooms in the Grade II listed building until the early hours, where the timeless echoes of DnB shake the room.

The Divine Fire

As the evening continues and the event moves indoors, the chilled vibes and healing drumbeats, along with acoustic sounds, surround you as you sit in the mini Amphitheatre.

Little Zen Den

The Little Zen Den is open 10am until 8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Nestled in a lush, beautiful garden filled with various trees and shrubs, this setting offers ample seating and a stretch tent for cover. The schedule offers: > Games
> Kids Yoga
> Toys
> Playground
> Roots Forest School
> Circus Workshops
> Crafts
> Music Workshops
> Pollinator Workshop
> Games Hours
> Face Painting
> Ragabond Theatre Play
> 7pm Story Times
> Plus more

Tipi of Fusion (The Oasis)

The Tipi of Fusion is open 10am until 7:30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Located away from the music, this enchanting area features a large, magical tipi in a beautiful circular space lined with trees. The schedule offers:

> Get your body moving Yin Yoga
> Lovely gentle morning Yoga
> Blissful Singing bowls
> An introduction to how homeopathy works
> An introduction to permaculture, regenerative farming and how to change the world
> Collective intelligence, Shamanism and how to regenerate our world
> Past life regression and hypnosis talk
> Chill and relax with the Gongs
> Musicadoo – The Music Journey
> Permaculture in an international context, stories from the front line
> Motivational talk on feeling grounded and have more clarity in your life
> Airsmithery: Beatbox Workshop
> Yoga Meditation breath body scan workshop
> Gong Bath
> Shamanism talk
> Hypnosis group trance workshop
> Chill with the bowls


Experience the grandeur of the Home of the Drum Theatrical Show. Set in a self-built mini amphitheatre, a symbolic Phoenix effigy shall blaze, symbolising a rebirth from past gatherings. This immersive spectacle features over 100 drummers, musicians, fire, and walkabout performers, crafting a 360-degree soundscape in a fiery display of theatrical brilliance.


The roaming performers consist of a variety of fire performers, fire breathers, fire hoopers, and some incredible walkabouts from Cequin Circus. These performers take part throughout the whole weekend and are integral parts of the Home of the Drum Theatrical Show. High Rise Rubber will also be making an appearance, so keep your eyes peeled; these pop-ups will happen randomly throughout the weekend.